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Our Planters


Who are you personally?

I am married to my beloved, Olivia. We have three kids: Graham, Lucy, and Emma. I grew up in Massachusetts, spent a decade in Minnesota (where I met Jesus, my wife, and was called to gospel ministry), and moved to Henniker, NH in the summer of 2020. On my day off, you can catch me enjoying a hike or movie with the family, reading a good novel/poet/theological work, feasting with friends, or keeping up with the Celtics. 

Who are you pastorally?

Pastoring, at heart, is a call to satisfy my heart in the steadfast love of Jesus every morning and to spend the rest of the day helping others follow him. This is what kept me going in seminary at Bethlehem College & Seminary in MN and that is what motivates me to pastor day in and day out. I long for the lost to be brought into Christ and for the found to be built up in him. Currently, I serve as an elder at River of Grace Church in Concord, NH, where I am also a Church Planting Resident Pastor. 

Eliot DeLorme

Henniker, NH

Planting in Fall 2022

Why Henniker, NH?

Henniker is a quiet, beautiful town with a small college and ski resort. Henniker has about 5,000 residents and an additional 1,200 college students with a beautiful mix of regional and ethnic diversity. There are many in Henniker who have not yet encountered the real and risen Lord Jesus as he is presented in the gospel. Our hope is to love one another and our actual neighbors by regularly speaking gospel words and serving with gospel deeds. 


Jeff Willett

Townsend, MA

Planting in Spring 2023

Who are you personally?

My wife Christie and I have three daughters: Grace, Abby and Ellie. I’m a native New Englander. My hometown is Pepperell, MA. I came to know Jesus when I was about 13 years old through the ministry of a small church plant that started up in my neighbor- hood. In God’s kindness, that church is where I currently have the privilege of pastoring. When I’m not spending time with my family or doing ministry I like to get out on my mountain bike or go for a hike.

Who are you pastorally?

I graduated with an M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2017 and have been serving full-time at Pepperell Christian Fellowship (PCF) since then as the Associate Pastor. Prior to that I had served as an Elder and also as a part-time Associate Pastor while I was attending seminary. Most  recently I have completed a year long church planting apprenticeship with the Acts 29 Rural Collective.

Why Townsend, MA?

God gave our church a ten-year vision in 2015 that included planting a church in a local town in our region. Over the past two years, God has made my call to church planting clearer. My wife and I had resolved to go wherever the Lord would send us to plant and, ironically, he has been making it clear that we are to stay and plant in Townsend, MA. Townsend is a town of about 9,500 people and like most of the little towns in New England, has a deep need for the light of the gospel. 


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Our Churches

From New England, for New England

We are eight pastors from eight churches across four New England states who want to invest in the next generation of small-town New England churches. By supporting the Village Green Collective you are empowering seasoned New England pastors collaboratively care for and 
coach church planters.


Aaron Sellars

Royalton, VT


Ben Whittinghill

Brattleboro, VT


Don Rayman

Concord, NH


Paul Gordon

North Adams, MA


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