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Become a financial partner

The need for faithful partners

It's daunting for a small-town New England church, on its own, to find the resources to plant another church. Together, we can train, send, coach and care for missionary church planters because we live and serve here. Yet, given our size, we need financial help to adequately fund our missionary church planters.


Financial partnership

Help us provide generous support to small-town church plants. 

In order for our church planting strategy to work, we need financial partners like you who want to empower us as pastors of our church planters and also want to invest directly into small-town New England church plants.

The two-fold financial model

To solve the funding puzzle, we’ve created a financial model with two primary funding streams that include each VGC church committing some of its money and asking each VGC church to help reach out and ask for a matching donation of its contribution. 


Collaborative Giving

Each Village Green church annually commits at least 1% of its own giving towards this work.


Matching Fundraising

Each Village Green church commits to raise a “matching” amount for their 1%, often from larger churches outside New England.

Pursuing faithful stewardship

The benefit of the Village Green model is that our financial “smallness” is solved through matching by partners. If each VGC member can find matching donors, our churches can coach, train and plant two church planters annually. Our goal is to devote as much of our funds we receive to directly to support our plants.


Our budget

Here is how your financial giving is invested into church planting.

Administrative costs relate to things like web hosting, banking, and legal fees.

Pastor support helps cover expesnes such as our quarterly gatherings, annual retreat, and gifts. 

Planter support
 directly goes to our church plants by way of a monthly budget, along with the provision of marketing resources and travel costs.

Support the Village Green Collective and help us plant churches for the glory of God.



Become a financial partner

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