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Our History

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In 2018, Paul Gordon and David Pinckney began a conversation about how small, rural churches in New England could lead the way in the planting of more small, rural churches. We knew the need because we live here and we felt God calling us to partner with other regional pastors who shared our heart for New England. 

We began by inviting several other New England churches to pray and consider joining us in this work. Among our earliest convictions was that those who know best how to plant and resource churches for the long-haul in rural New England are those who were already serving in these places. Yet, for many small-town New England churches, resources are limited and the idea of multiplying and planting alone is daunting. So we knew we needed to invite those who may not be here in New England but wanted to invest in this mission field to financially support our “indigeous” mission work.

After 18 months of dreaming, envisioning, and building; the Village Green Collective was created. Each of the 8 founding members have been critically involved in the design and identity of the Village Green Collective. Then, in January of 2022, we formally launched our collective and will be planting our first church in Henniker, NH in the fall of 2022 together.

Our commitment to each other is rooted in our shared brotherhood that we believe will encourage faithful endurance in ministry and our shared calling to strive for gospel fruitfulness through planting more small-town New England churches, together.

Our Name


The Village Green is emblematic of New England towns. Often, village greens were the center of the community and the location of the town hall, the general store, the schoolhouse, and the church. 

The village green typifies the kind of community-engaged, missional churches we want to be and aim to plant: not on the outskirts of town waiting for people to find us, but rather at the center of the community living among and serving people with the gospel of Jesus.

The term “village” nods to our distinctively small-town emphasis. The word “collective” speaks to our distinctive approach of cultivating a deeply-committed brotherhood and planting churches together. 


Support the work by becoming a financial partner

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